About - Joshua Harris


I am a third year Zoology student at Cambridge university and wildlife photographer and filmmaker.

I have been observing and photographing wildlife in my local area and further afield for the last ~8 years.

I have filmed, presented, and edited a few short films on subjects including urban peregrines, underwater seabirds, and otters. You can watch these on my Youtube channel.

Whilst volunteering on Lundy island in summer 2018 I created some fairly unique images of seabirds on waves silhouetted against sunsets, which you can view in this gallery.

I also enjoy long distance running and am very interested in reintroducing beavers in the UK. In September 2019 I walked and ran 160 miles from Bath to Cambridge in 4 days (sleeping in parks and under a motorway) and raised almost £600 for the Beaver Trust. An article which I wrote about beavers and the evolution of river systems was published on The Ecologist

I have given a number of popular talks about my wildlife photography to local natural history / photography groups, and one talk about beavers.

I am also interested in Pleistocene megafauna, the Gaia hypothesis, convergent evolution, land sparing / sharing, the evolution of human societies, and I love Zoology museums.

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